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Today more people are seeking a work at home business where they can manage their time, talents, and money.

The stresses of the job and hard economic times is leading more people to seek work at home business opportunities. People are tired of working for bosses that do not treat them with respect, and are not willing to pay them what they are worth. Those that have good paying professions are denied spending quality time with their spouse and children because they have to work all the time. Middle class families are losing jobs left and right because companies are closing their doors or tightening up their belts so more people are in the market for a different way of life because they are waking up to the fact that there is no security in working for someone else.


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Our Story from Foreclosure to Financial Freedom

My world was turned upside down when my husband lost his job that led us towards a foreclosure of our beloved home that we had just invested our inheritance money with major upgrades. Six months of hard work and $50,000.00 cash spent in a vain pursuit to increase the value of our home so that we could be refinanced but the banks jerked us around even though we had not missed a single mortgage payment in almost three years. The housing crash caused the banks to tighten up their practices and we felt the brunt of it.


Here is a video I put together Christmas 2010 that was supposed to be a celebration of three accomplishments in our lives.  We fully expected the bank to refinance our cute little home that we had worked so hard on. We had no idea what would happen just a few months later.


Prior to the job loss and six months of unemployment, everything seemed to be fine. We were responsible people that were meeting our monthly obligations, no credit cards, paying cash as we go. The only debt we had was good debt (so we thought), just a mortage and two auto loans. Losing our comfortable living was a major wake up call to the reality that there is no job security when you work for someone else. We did not realize just how much of a financial burden the mortgage payment was when our monthly income was drastically cut. That is when I went online, searching for a way to use the internet to make a living building our own business at home.

Gain Financial Freedom with a Work at Home Business!

I have always believed that owning your own business and working for yourself was the most ideal place to be. With the internet being what it is more people are finding ways to market their knowledge, skills, services, and products successfully online. I decided to join that crowd in search for the best vehicle to take me where I want to go. After weeding through sorting the good from the bad online companies, testing out several different ones all the while learning more about how the internet works, learning marketing strategies and whose who in the marketing world, paying close attention to changes taking place across the internet I have settled here following in the foot steps of top 6-figure income earners with a track record of online success.


Today our debt has been reduced to less than a 1/5th of the original debt and are on target to be totally debt free in about a year.

I cannot wait for the day when I can scream, "I am DEBT FREE!" I refuse to be a slave to any bank, credit card, debt collector, mortgage holder, or employer for the rest of my life.  The road of hard knocks can you teach you a great deal about how things really work when you are on the wrong side of things.  Years ago we learned about credit debt and how binding that was so we had cut up the cards and worked to pay off the debt. Now we have come to the understanding that ANY debt including auto loans and mortgages are bondage that we would be better off without. The housing crisis did not create the problem, it exposed the problem. Americans are finaly waking up to the realities of how binding the whole financial structure is. It is meant to hold us back and keep us slaves to the bank and lending institutions. We are quickly working our way off of that grid. We are in pursuit of reclaiming our FREEDOM. Life is just too short to settle for less. We are on our way to the top connected with other top income earners and we are enjoying the journey along the way.


Are You Living Up to Your Full Potential?


Work at Home Business where even YOU Can be a Success

97% of those who start a home business online fail. Two big factors that prevent the success of online businesses is lack of quality training or lack of effort by the new marketers. There is a learning curve one must go through to get a handle on working any business. It helps to choose the right opportunity, product, or service that you can wrap your mind around and feel comfortable with promoting.

What can this business do for you?

  • Give you the tool of a revolutionary new product line that people will greatly benefit from enabling them to have a better quality of life. No other company has a product that is comparable to what we offer.
  • The opportunity to build a significant monthly income with the potential of an added residual income
  • Put you in a partnership with top successful professionals
  • Help you with follow up calls while you learn how to present the opportunity yourself
  • Give you quality third part tools to help you promote your product and business opportunity
  • Increase your knowledge and self worth with quality training so that you can in turn help others be successful
  • Help you gain personal growth, confidence and financial freedom
  • The chance to make a real difference in the lives of others

There is room at the top for you!

"Yesterday is spent, tomorrow may never come, the only time that you are guaranteed is today so make the most of it."

- unkown

You can be free to Work at Home


There is no place like home. I cannot think of a better place to be, to live, work and play than home. I would much rather be at home spending time with my loved ones than out working a job I hate. At home I am in charge of my time and my activities because that is my domain. I create the atmosphere. I arrange the environment that pleases me. Sure, I like to get out, meet new people, interact with others, even travel but the best part of my day is always coming home.


Imagine how nice it would be for you to work at home in your own business where you set your own hours, working it around the important details of your family life. You decide when you want to work and how much and if you just want to do things with your spouse or family or take a vacation because YOU are calling all the shots in your own home based business. You will not get that kind of freedom working for someone else. I do not like working for someone else because then they control my time and curtail my activities. They dictate when I am allowed to go on vacation or have days off. Working for someone else means I have to plan my activities around their demands on my time. The problem with that is that familes do not schedule their crisis moments during the most convenient times. I want to be there for my family when they need me. Our society is falling apart at the seams because families are disconnected with everyone so busy going in every direction that they do not have time to connect with each other. A home based business will give you the freedom to make the best choices for you and your family.



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